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ISCG University, on behalf of the Scientific Council, I welcome you to the official website of the Institut Supérieur de Communication et de Gestion (ISCG University Cotonou, Bénin Republic). Here, you will find information on the different programs we offers and also work within the LMD system (License-Master-Doctorate).

Dear students Welcome to ISCG UNIVERSITY, Cotonou, located le bélier zone des Ambassades, about few kilometers away from seme border. The geographic location of the ISCG University offers a triple advantage, namely: Affordable tuition and rent, easy accessibility for all at all levels and in a safe, practical and quiet environment

ISCG University Cotonou is accredited by the Higher Ministry of Education and Scientific research, Bénin, recognized by the Federal Ministry of Education Abuja, NUC and NYSC. ISCG University Cotonou creates adequate environment for the education of our students, integrating the intellectual, technical, human and artistic cultural skills, thus; enabling their development and full potential as whole bilingual individuals. We do our best to allow each student to study in the best conditions in order to acquire not only the necessary knowledge, but also to develop social skills by participating in the real life situation by relating to the various social programs and Culture of the school.


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ISCG University is recognized as a student-centered institution with a global perspective. We engage more than 400 graduate and undergraduate students in distinctive educational experiences that connect to the unique and diverse opportunities within and beyond our region. Read more >>>

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Le Bélier, Seventh Street before the Beach, Zone d'Ambassade

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